English Summary

Founded in 1987, CollectArt is a society consisting of twenty people who have a love of contemporary art by emerging Quebec artists.

CollectArt pursues the double objective of acquiring works of contemporary art by up-and-coming Quebec artists as well as the development of knowledge about contemporary art amongst its members.

CollectArt is interested in works of art that demonstrate the emergence of new forces in visual arts in Quebec. You can find works of art by important artists on the Québécois contemporary art scene such as: Louise Robert, Robert Wolfe, Sylvia Safdie, Marc Séguin, Angèle Verret, Jérôme Fortin.

Each year, according to its budget, CollectArt acquires works of art. CollectArt also ensures that these works of art circulate among its members so that each member has at least one work of art in their possession throughout the entire year.
The group’s activities are managed by committees that oversee the acquisitions, the circulation as well as the various activities of CollectArt.

CollectArt’s activities are coordinated by a director comitee whose members include:

  • Mr. Bruno Grenier, President
  • Mrs. Louise Matte, Vice President
  • Mr. Charles Tilquin, Treasurer
  • Mrs. Bettie Beauregard, Secretary

The acquisition committee includes:

  • Mr. Jules Gaulin,
  • Mrs. Beverley Goulet,
  • Mrs. Louise Matte.

The head of works distribution:

  • Mr. Richard Audet.